Every hotel starts with a key idea, your ID…

Welcome to a new experience in Hotel Technology

We supply, design, and maintain, security identification solutions for hotels in Switzerland.

Every hotel starts with a key. When booking a hotel room, the guest acquires first the right to use this key to access his/her room. As a result, the RFID identification is highly strategic for the hotel. We, at Hotel ID AG, are specialists and we cover all matters related to key identification in a hotel environment.

Hotel security planning.

We provide hotel owners and architects, advice and consultancy to design comprehensive security concept.

Security systems for hotels.

Our outstanding range of solutions includes electronic locks systems, safes, emergency exit solutions and more.

Hotel Keycards and RFID media.

We can provide most of RFID media technologies with many options of customization.

Support and Hotel services.

Our state-of-the-art expertise in hotels security solutions and technologies gives you the guaranty of the right commissioning and after-sales services

Get in touch with us now and let’s build together your next hotel success as a team.

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