Security planning for hotel projects

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You feel the need to speak to a professional to help you build an innovative Hotel concept ? We will be pleased to work with you and listen to your project. We will surely be able to advise you with a comprehensive security planning matching with your ideas.

Security concept

Security concept : Specify the global security concept and the guests, staff, and goods flow.

Cost approach

Measure the cost of the security solutions to be implemented and maximize a return on investment.

Security floor plan

Formalise the access points per floors, and identify together the critical points as well as the emergency exits.

Doors matrix

Manage and coordinate a door list which could be followed up by all project’s actors.

Doors’ schematics

Draw a detailed door schematic including a detailed list of equipment as well as a cabling schematic which could be used by all contractors in the project.

IT and Network

Provide all necessary documentation related to the IT and Network required that fulfill the Hotel concept.

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